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"I was able to read my first required book for dental school and have now confidently finished the first week of orientation without any issues. This would not have been possible without Dr. Keiser and I am therefore extremely grateful for everything that he did for me. Thank you so much for all of your help!"  

-P.H. Illinois



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 No matter what you've been told, here’s the truth: 

POTS and Dysautonomia symptoms can be greatly decreased, if not completely overcome.  

There is hope.

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Our 4 step process works for many forms of Brain Dysfunction 

Developmental Delay
Chronic Pain
...and more!

Our 4 step process works for many forms of Brain Dysfunction 

Developmental Delay
Chronic Pain
Movement Disorders
...and more!

"I am so grateful for this experience. Dr. Keiser is the best. I have never felt that kind of care and compassion as a patient. Not only do I think he has changed my life forever but I am in such awe of his practice. It feels like I finally have some direction to follow and an understanding of what is going on inside my head. I am eternally thankful and happy."   


-K.S. Calgary

How are we Different?

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Feeling Better Made Simple:

What makes our treatment so effective?

Every day we hear heartbreaking stories from people reaching out for help in recovering from a brain injury. They have been told there is nothing more they can do to get better.


In most of the cases we hear, that just is not true. 


We understand how discouraging it is to constantly be in pain or suffering from dizziness. To feel lost inside your own head, exhausted and anxious all at the same time…all the while being told there’s nothing that can be done. 


We work with these people every day, many of whom have been suffering for years. There is hope.

Jen was a 19-year-old athletic standout and injured during practice while playing her sport in college. Her symptoms started kind of slowly at first. A headache and neck pain that wouldn’t go away. Then she noticed that she would be exhausted after class and couldn’t really take in any information. If Jen tried to make it through a full day, she would be in bed recovering for the next three.  She was attended by her team doctor and trainers, but this injury was beyond their ability to treat. They trialed different medications and physical therapy, but the improvements were only subtle.  

Jen started to notice that when she would wake up, her heart would be racing. She would try to get out of bed and feel like she was going to pass out. Her legs felt like they were filled with cement. After 6 months of suffering this way, she had to withdraw from her university and her parents helped her seek out treatment. 


Like you, our patients often feel all sorts of symptoms that seem unexplainable. 


Jen found a Chiropractor with experience in sports injuries that ultimately recommended that she see me for an evaluation. She was very skeptical at first, and the Chiropractor actually had to insist a few times before she came in for an evaluation. 


How could you blame her? After getting your hopes up and being let down so many times, people feel like nothing will work. Most of our patients have been to several, if not dozens of specialists before getting to a real solution with Dr. Keiser.


At the first appointment, we sat down and went through the long version of Jen’s story. We created a detailed timeline of her health history both before and after her injury. It was like hundreds I’d heard before, but it still tugs at your heart every time. 

We got to work figuring out why her body was responding this way to her injury. We were able to measure errors in her brain’s processing that affected her oculomotor, oculocephalic, motor and autonomic systems. We showed Jen and her mother the problems at hand and went straight to work implementing the treatment program that we built specifically for her. 

In just under a week we measured the same tests again and saw huge improvements. Her brain was finally healing.  


Once we knew she was on the right track and healing, we shifted her immersive training to make sure she was able to implement the same techniques at home, on her own, confidently. She returned home excited and a little nervous, but with a whole new outlook. Jen worked hard at home and returned to school in the fall noting the occasional headache if she went without sleep or overwhelmed herself during finals. It is now more than 2 years later, we have had a hand-full of follow-up appointments to mark her improvements and make changes to her protocol if needed. She tells me the whole thing is like a vague memory. Jen is happy to have started a new chapter in her life. She is enjoying herself, symptom-free and full of life again.


The Four Keys of Overcoming

Brain Injury


So what makes our treatment so



Well, it has to do with our comprehensive,

whole-person approach to healing. Here

are the four keys in the Brain Injury Relief


1. Diagnostic Problem Solving


We emphasize understanding why your symptoms exist rather than trying to mask them. Using our advanced diagnostic process, we target treatment at the root mechanism of your symptoms for a permanent solution.


2. Immersive Brain Training


We use specific neurological procedures and exercises to increase neuroplasticity (your brain’s learning and healing mechanism) in the pathways of your brain that are malfunctioning. This part of the treatment is short-term, intense and targeted to produce immediate results. 


3. At-home Treatment


You will be transitioning your protocol of exercises and procedures from the immersive training to a daily brain training regimen. You will continue to build on the progress of your immersive training and create success in a real-world setting: Day-by-day, the goal is progress, not perfection.

4. Professional Support


Even as you begin to experience healing, we offer ongoing support through in-office or long-distance follow-up. Think of us as your personal health coach. This component is critical, as the support of your family, friends, and our team here—along with your commitment—is the glue that will help deliver success.


We are proud to offer you a treatment that’s all-natural––the four-step process is effective without the use of drugs, shots, injections, or surgeries.

Brain Injury Relief Process

Diagnostic Problem Solving
Immersive Brain Training
At-Home  Training

About Dr. Nathan Keiser

Dr. Keiser embraces a new model of healthcare that incorporates the best diagnostic tools and technologies from conventional practices, as well as emerging tests and tools that help identify the critical imbalances that are at the root of brain dysfunction. Dr. Keiser’s approach is patient-centered, not disease-centered. This is a shift in the paradigm of helping people that have suffered from various forms of brain injury or illness. Functional Neurology is the healthcare of the future available now.

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