Chronic Pain and Migraine

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What is Chronic Pain?

Do you find you have persistent aching, burning or sharp pain?


Do you find that your pain is widespread and highly variable?


Are you more sensitive to things like smells, noise, touch, fabrics, or changes in barometric pressure?


Do you find your pain can be exacerbated by stress or positional change?


These things are all common in individuals who experience chronic pain.


Common classifications of chronic pain include:

  • Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome

  • Fibromialgia

  • Migraine

  • Peripheral neuropathy

What causes Chronic Pain?

When a person experiences persistent chronic pain, the problem creating that discomfort actually stems from the brain rather than where the localized sensation is occurring.


Sensation, and the body’s sensitivity to a given stimulus, are mediated through various pathways in the brain. When an individual’s ability to properly perceive sensory stimuli is hindered by a weakness in one or more of those pathways, the result is often a hypersensitivity, leading to chronic pain.

Our Approach to Treatment

Because chronic pain is actually a brain based problem, patients need a brain based solution.


1.Work to understand a patient’s strengths, the neurological root of their pain, and guage their stamina through a comprehensive clinical exam.


Using the latest in diagnostic technology, we consider each individual component of sensation in isolation and how they integrate together. This in-depth exploration often leads to a more precise solution because we can better pinpoint what weaknesses are contributing to your pain.


2. Develop a customized treatment program informed by these findings.

Our approach takes advantage of the central nervous system’s ability to be plastic, to change constructively over time. This allows us to improve brain function through non-invasive, non-pharmacological means.


3. Frequently re-assess and adapt as needed to ensure the best results.