Dr. Nathan Keiser was born and raised in Chelsea, MI.  

He earned his Bachelors of Science from Michigan State University in Kinesiology.  He went on to earn his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life University in Marietta, GA. Concurrently he began to pursue study in functional neurology earning specialty recognition in vestibular rehabilitation, childhood developmental disorders, neurochemistry, movement disorders and traumatic brain injury.   


Through a lucky sequence of circumstances, I found the work of chiropractic neurologists, particularly Professor Carrick at a time when the internet was sparse by today’s standards. I had never been to a chiropractor at that point, but I had to know more. The flood gates opened and I was hooked.”


Dr. Keiser became board certified as a diplomate in chiropractic neurology by the American Board of Chiropractic Neurology (ACNB) in 2010 and has had the opportunity to serve patients from across North America and around the globe in private practice.


In 2012 Dr. Keiser was invited by Professor Carrick to join his Clinical staff at his state of the art facility in Atlanta, GA.


“Dr. Carrick is the thought leader and developer of contemporary functional neurology. Everything we do stands on the shoulders of his work and his leadership. It was the invitation of a lifetime when he asked me to come to Atlanta. My wife (fiancée at the time) and I dropped everything to move down and work for him. Looking back it was an incredibly quick decision, but even then we knew it was an opportunity we could not pass up.”


Dr. Keiser credits his acumen to the time he spent training with Professor Frederick Carrick who now is a renowned clinical research fellow at Harvard Medical School.


“There are only a very small handful of people in the world that were able to see him work so intimately, to ask questions and to be mentored in that way. The experiences I had over those years and the cases I was involved in gave me a depth of experience that I never could have achieved on my own. The ability to do that with him completely morphed the way I analyze, interact with, and care for patients.”


Dr. Keiser has taken the experience of working with Professor Carrick and nestled back in his home state of Michigan.


“The internet has changed the way people are able to take the reigns of their own health. There are no limitations on where people can go and who they can seek for help. People reach out for help from everywhere. Travel is accessible. People have access to Doctors that are specialized in a new way. They are no longer limited to the people in their town. We are proud to be able to care for our patients in this way. When things don’t heal as expected they have options to move in a positive direction rather than suffer and wait.”


Dr. Keiser is also an Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurology for the Carrick Institute where they provide Post-Graduate instruction for doctors of all disciplines in the field of clinical and functional neurology.  He is an international lecturer and regularly presents across the U.S., Canada and Europe.  


“Lecturing for the Carrick Institute is one of the greatest privileges of my life.  It gives me a venue to share what I have learned and experiences from my study and practice.”


His clinical interest is in the field of non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical management of concussion, dysautonomia, traumatic brain injury and movement disorders.  He continues to pursue study and research in this field.  In 2015 he earned a fellowship to the American Board of Brain Injury Rehabilitation and currently serves as a member of the board.


His research interests are in translational applications in diagnosis and treatment that may have merit in future brain rehabilitation applications. He is currently a co-investigator in several studies within the CAPS Research Network. 


Dr. Keiser is relishing life in the beautiful Great Lakes State with his family and friends.